Here, archived in its entirety is the unfinished serial saga of In A Strange Land, including Interludes by avatar and Perspectives by Trisha. New sections will no longer be posted, though the IASLsupport mailing list at Yahoogroups is still active.

Last updated: December 27, 2003

Category: Action/Adventure, Drama, a little Romance
Rating: PG
Summary: Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like if you got to go to the Star Wars galaxy? This story is one writer's fantasy of what could happen if someone from here was inexplicably transported there.
Disclaimer: All concepts of Jedi and Star Wars belong rightfully to George Lucas. Duh. It's only for fun and love of Jedi, honest!

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Suspended Indefinitely...

Thanks for your support of In A Strange Land. Unfortunately, people change, fandoms die, and the story will not be continued. If you wish to keep this page bookmarked, please do - it will not be removed without warning. Keep the link handy in case I decide, in the future, to post the notes and half-written chapters that would have been, had I not converted to anime.

  • COMING SOON! - all the stories with my name on them previously archived on, including "Truth or Dare," with avatar, "Pain," a standalone fic, and the first installments of "The Ringwar Mission," a Lord of the Rings/Star Wars crossover (also incomplete).

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