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Welcome to Strange Land Costuming!

Strange Land Costuming is a tailoring service for custom-fit costumes of all varieties. No genre is off limits, no style will be turned down.

All Strange Land Costuming projects are individually commissioned. Because of this, you get the chance to order exactly what you're looking for, made specifically the way you want it and tailored to fit you perfectly.

Where else can you go to find SLC products and services? Like us on Facebook to receive info when new items are up on our Etsy page for fast and easy shopping!


In order to keep up with demand and growth, SLC is shifting how we take commissions. The process is still the same, but we will now only take a limited quantity of commissions per quarter, in order to provide customers with all the personal attention and quality construction that has made us famous without running short on time. Please see the Ordering page for complete information.

Slots through Second Quarter (end June) 2016 are full, negotiations open for Third Quarter.

Updated Links!

Strange Land Costuming is a full-time endeavor with some new features! Check out the menu on the side, or the links below, to see what new things we're offering: Keep checking back for new items to be offered, and more services in the new, fully-expanded Strange Land Costuming!

Feel free to browse the galleries at left to see the quality and detail of costumes completed in the past for customers, but keep in mind that these are just a small sample of what SLC has done and could do. Consider it our portfolio of past accomplishments. If you like what you see, contact SLC to negotiate a custom-built costume of your own!

SLC would like to extend gratitude to Positive Fusion for nearly 10 years of hosting the website, and is sad to see it go. We also are grateful to Fran-Web for temporary hosting space while we work out the future of our online presence. Yes, we do need a visual update, but let us get a stable server, first.

Strange Land Costuming is a smoke-free work environment. Please inform us if you have any allergies to cat hair.


Disclaimer: All media properties are trademark and copyright of their respective license holders. Star Wars is the property of Lucasfilm, Ltd. The Lord of the Rings is the property of Tolkien Enterprises, the Tolkien Estate, and New Line Cinema. Yu-Gi-Oh is property of Kazuki Takahashi. Resemblance to their designs is coincidental, and no attempt is being made from this site to profit off copyrighted names. I'd pay good money for licensed costume patterns if they made them (hint hint). Don't sue me, I just sew what people tell me to sew.

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